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The Criminal Persecution of Detective Helen Grus |
Donald Best

In late 2021 Ottawa Detective Helen Grus noticed a sharp increase in SIDS deaths as well as two previously unheard of instances of babies dying in their mother’s arms. She began investigating a possible link between those deaths and their mother’s having taken the Covid vaccines.

Her investigation noted some very odd things, such as the fact that in 8 of the 9 cases she looked in to, the mother was never asked if she had recently taken a vaccine, despite the fact that this had been standard practice for 40 years.

After only a month Helen was ordered to shut down the investigation. Then she was charged with discreditable conduct, despite having the approval of her superiors to conduct the investigation.

Two and half years and $350,000 dollars in legal costs later Helen is still fighting for her job and her reputation. Independent journalist and former Toronto Police Detective Donald Best has been following the case closely.

So far Helen’s disciplinary hearing has served only to highlight the corruption within the Ottawa police and their criminal collusion with the CBC, who obtained private information through illegal means, then blackmailed the Ottawa Police to further tarnish Detective Grus’ reputation.

With the case not going well for the prosecution due to Grus’ excellent work history, highly professional police work and the fact that she was quite literally only doing her job, the hearing has now been put on hold until late this year.

In the meantime, the evidence that Grus was looking for the cause of death in exactly the right place continues to mount.

This is undoubtedly one of the most shocking interviews I have ever done. The level of corruption within the Ottawa Police Service is so extensive as to be almost unbelievable, but Donald has the evidence to prove it all.

While the tribunal has yet to reach a decision, I have no doubt that after hearing the facts, you will conclude that Detective Grus’ only crime was questioning the vaccine narrative.




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