The Corruption of Mainstream Media | Anita Krishna

Anita Krishna worked as a producer for Global News for 20 years. She was recently fired for attending a demonstration in Vancouver where she spoke briefly about the dangers of the vaccines. Global terminated her employment, citing that her statements, which were made on her own time and not as a representative of Global, were in violation of their policies. Anita describes her own experiences in news broadcasting since the start of the plan-demic and voices her disgust with the corruption of the mainstream media. On Those Pesky Red Flags… I’ve worked in TV news for a very long time…when COVID hit and all this mania and lunacy was taking place I immediately didn’t feel right about any of it. It was just so blatantly over the top, that every day I went to work, I felt like a crazy person because of what we were putting on the news just didn’t make any sense to me. The thing about it is that I went to a rally, just out of curiosity, mainly because this particular doctor who had been locked up, was talking about miscarriages and I am a mother of two and I certainly know how vulnerable you are when you’re pregnant and how worried you are about your health. You certainly can’t even eat certain cheeses. Like they tell you to stay away from this and stay away from that. And all of a sudden, we’re telling you go and take this injection. What on earth, doesn’t anybody know what Thalidomide is? On What Journalistic Integrity is Not… I know now that there is a Trusted News Initiative. I didn’t know that at the time. And I know now that 90% of media in Canada, radio, television, newspapers are bought by our government. All mainstream media in my opinion are “Press-titutes” because we are bought and we are paid for, of course I’m not part of them anymore. And I would say that Trudeau is our pimp. We do what he wants. And so, if you’re watching CTV, Global, CBC, you do what he wants, you no longer report facts, both sides, you report bias cause you are paid to do so. Do you think you’re going to go against somebody that’s paid? You’re going to bite the hand that feeds you? These people all have mortgages and children as I do too, but I would rather have less money and work as a cashier than put that crap on the air. On Anita’s Message to The People…. Know this: you are deliberately being misinformed about every single thing. And in the future, do not trust what they come to tell you. If they all of a sudden say: put this digital ID on your phone, you say no, take this forth booster, you say no, put this mask on your child. You better bloody all stand up and say no now, because if you still bend over and say yes, you will be a victim to whatever nefarious plan they want to do. They do not have your health, your welfare, your financial interest, they are not looking out for you. And if you haven’t seen that in the past two years with your business, your church, your livelihood, your level of fitness, your spirituality, all of these things they tried to take away from you to destroy you, to mask you, to keep you distant, to not talk. This was on purpose; they made no mistakes. LINKS: Anita’s site Video Where Global Interrogates Anita – Dec. 20, 2021
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