Weekly Research Report for Week of

By Shawna / May 2, 2023 / Comments Off on Weekly Research Report for Week of

TOP STORIES Senate passes Liberals’ controversial online streaming act with a dozen amendments; WHO colluded with Twitter to censor Tucker Carlson; Poll indicates that 4 in 10 Canadians believe the CBC is state propaganda for Trudeau’s Liberals; Fox News shelves Tucker Carlson’s documentary on Freedom Convoy;Reverse Engineering the Propaganda Machine; Council readies bylaw requiring covers for anti-abortion flyers; Every Child Should Have a Sexual Partner, says the United Nations; Toronto Catholic teacher tweets incessantly about 2SLGBTQI issues; The rules state that a student’s parents must be informed when they want to change their gender; It’s time to get ‘Beyond the Indian Act’; Governments Prepare for Bank Run; Morgan Stanley chief warns investment banking may not recover until next year; Degree Is No Guarantee: Feds; Rival Teck Resources devastating communities across Canada; Statement Against GE Trees and False Solutions at UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; Horses and cows will have their own passport; Trudeau says he asked officials to investigate Chinese foreign interference aimed at Conservative MP; Gun Rewrite Followed Polls; The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Treasury Board (TB) reach tentative agreement; Crown requests Calgary pastor stay in jail; Justin Trudeau claimed that his government never forced anybody; Covid Lies the Ontario government spewed, the FAILED claims all around <6min video; and, Bill Gates’ Evil Plan to End Democracy

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