The Next Generation of Freedom Warriors | Trozzi, Dove & Holmes

By Shawna / April 13, 2023 /

The events of the past three years have been hard on everyone, but especially on our youth. Many of us who are older have the idea that our youth are lost. That they have neither the inclination nor the ability to understand what is happening in our world right now, or to do anything to change it.

But that is not true.

There are young people who understand that our entire society, and especially their generation is under attack. And they are already planning how they’re going to build a better future for themselves, and for their own children, when they come along.

Rain Trozzi, the son of Mark Trozzi, is the founder of Over to the Youth, a group of young people, not just from Canada, but from around the world. The group meets regularly online to discuss the issues we are all facing, to provide each other with support, and most importantly, to build the foundations for the skills and knowledge that will make them future leaders.

I am joined today by Over to the Youth members Rain Trozzi, Madison Holmes and one of the most recent additions to the group, Evelyn Dove.


Over to the Youth

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AI: How Afraid Should We Be? | Mark Davidson

By Shawna / April 11, 2023 /

Mainstream media is rife with stories about AI, artificial intelligence. These stories run the gamut, from AI will solve all of our problems, to AI will spell the end of humanity.

But they never bother to explore what AI actually is.

Can it ‘think’? What does the term ‘think’ in this context even mean? Is AI sentient, that is, is it self-aware? Does it have a conscience, or could it develop one?

Many of us in the freedom movement are very concerned about the use that the globalists have for AI, as a tool to surveille and control us all. And certainly it could do that, in fact, in some ways it already is.

But what can actually be done with it? Given that the globalists certainly do not have our best interests in mind, it’s important for us to understand the capabilities, and the limitations, of this technology.

Mark Davidson has spent much of his life studying the technologies surrounding AI. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Computing from the University of Essex in England. He invented a virtual machine computing language, and he worked for AT&T and Compaq as an expert consultant in the field of computer science as it relates to human cognition. He has also worked on financial systems where he built financial models and explored AI’s for automated trading.

Mark joins me today to explain exactly what AI is, and what it is not. What it can do already, and what it might be able to do in the future.

Should we be afraid of AI? The short answer is yes, and by the end of this interview, you will not only understand why, but just how afraid we should be.

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Code Zero: The Iron Will Report for the Week of April 7th (EXCERPT)

By Shawna / April 7, 2023 /

The Iron Will Report for the week of April 7th:

  • Will Chrystia Freeland be the Next Leader of the WEF?
  • Federal High Speed Access Program a Trojan Horse
  • Jordan Peterson Receives the George Jonas Freedom Award
  • Another Wave of Random Violence Across Canada Leaves 4 Dead, 12 Injured
  • Projected $50 Billion in Additional Debt for Just Transition
  • Report Shows Trudeau’s Gov. Lying About Green Tax Rebates
  • CBC Continues Kid’s Transgender Brainwashing Programming
  • Canadian Suicide Rates Increased by Up to 25%
  • ChatGPT as a Censorship Tool; Will’s Own Test
  • Code Zero: No Ambulances Available Becoming Common Across Canada
  • Could King Charlie Spell the End of the Governor General’s Office?


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IWR Weekly: Wholesale Treason (EXCERPT)

By Shawna / March 31, 2023 /

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

  • Gates Buys Off Media Around the World
  • Governor General’s 100K per day Travel Costs
  • Trudeau Appoints Crony Investigator…Again
  • 198 Canadian Companies Blacklisted in Government Email to Banks
  • Wholesale Treason: The Leftist Sellout of Canada

And in the Member’s Version at

  • They Won’t Shut Down the Internet…or Maybe They Will
  • Another Climate Alarmist Dilemma: Greenland Ice Cores
  • Eco-Cult Leader Guilbeault Blows 1.8 Mil at Non-Green Resort
  • The Next Virus Scare Revealed by Big Pharma
  • ‘Turbo’ Testicular Cancers: Dr. William Makis
  • McDonald’s Partners with U.S. Government to Push mRNA
  • A State Law Criminalizing mRNA Injections
  • Canada Pays More for Shots than Any Other Nation
  • The Woke Cancel Fun in Regina

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B.C. Top Judge Caught in Conflict of Interest

By Shawna / March 30, 2023 /

It is an interesting point of Canadian law that it is illegal to publicly criticize a judges’ decision. However, it is not illegal to criticize a judge.

Kip Warner is the founder of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy. I last interviewed Kip in September. The CSASPP currently has three suits in the provincial courts against the B.C. government, and specifically against Bonnie Henry.

Shortly after my last interview was released, Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled against one of those suits on technical grounds.

Subsequently Kip became aware of a potential conflict of interest in the case. I say potential conflict of interest as Kip is involved in the case and must be careful of how he expresses his concerns.

I, however, am not involved, and I can say whatever I like about Justice Hinkson. I’ve looked at the evidence that Kip has provided, and in my admittedly unqualified opinion, there is not only a conflict of interest, but one of such import and scope that I felt it necessary to invite Kip back for an update so we could pass the details on to you.


COVID Constitutional Challenge BC

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Digital ID in Canada

By Shawna / March 27, 2023 /

Digital ID in Canada DIGITAL IDENTITY- Did you Know? The following is intended to bring awareness regarding the advanced states of implementation of Digital ID in Canada. It represents the most critical research, all in one place. DID YOU KNOW…

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Record Paramedic Deaths in Canada | Bob Dubroy

By Shawna / March 27, 2023 /

Some of you will have seen my interviews with Dr. William Makis, who has been tracking doctor deaths in Canada since the rollout of the vaccines. But it’s not just doctors who are being affected. Almost all health care workers across Canada have been subjected to mandatory vaccination mandates in order to keep their jobs.

Recently I was contacted by one of our subscribers, Robert DuBroy, who had researched deaths among Canadian paramedics. I reported on his data in my news report for the week of February 3rd, but touched only upon the high points of the data.

Bob joins me today to go into greater depth on deaths among what are largely young, fit paramedics. He explains the challenges he had finding the data, and reveals the massive and unprecedented increase in unexplained, sudden deaths.

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IWR Weekly: Titanic Banks Sink | Losses Exceed Insurance (Excerpt)

By Shawna / March 24, 2023 /

In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • Calgary Bylaw Prevents Drag Show Protests: $10,000 Fine
  • Are Drag Shows Really That Bad? See For Yourself
  • MAiD Targeting the Disabled
  • Oregon Opens to MAiD Tourism
  • AI’s Cutting Off Elderly Health Care
  • Hero of the Week: Cerebral Palsy Victim Defends Right to Life

And in the Member’s Version at

  • Alarming Changes to TD Bank’s Client Agreement
  • Bank Collapses Tip of the Iceberg: Insufficient Insurance
  • Covid Conditioning: What the Plandemic was Really For
  • CSIS: “Climate Change a National Security Threat”
  • CRA Labels Cash as ‘Underground Economy’
  • The End of the Rainbow: NHL Rejects Woke Agenda
  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s Anal Ozone Therapy

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IWR Weekly: Of Pets and Pigs | The WHO One Health Agenda

By Shawna / March 17, 2023 /

In this week’s report:

  • More State Sponsored Propaganda
  • Deep Dive into the WHO’s One Health Initiative
  • Google and Facebook Test Bill C-18 Censorship on Canadians
  • 15 Minutes Cities, Human Corrals
  • All Excess COVID Deaths Due to Government Incompetence

And in the Members version all the above PLUS…

  • Tech Giants Refusing to Play along with Bill C18
  • CBC Continues to Survive, but what about the Globa & Mail?
  • CSIS Reveals Foreign Interference in Canada
  • Further Proof that Biden is Controlled by the WEF
  • Farmer Gates; mRNA Vaccines to Sterilize Livestock

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Global Warming Lie: The Real Data | Tom Harris

By Shawna / March 14, 2023 /

For decades now mainstream media and climate alarmists have been telling us that manmade emissions are going to cause a runaway greenhouse effect. They claim that ‘the science is settled’, and further, that 97% of scientists agree. Tom Harris has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, with specialties in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, two of the disciplines most qualified to assess our coming extinction via environmental disaster. Tom worked as an engineer for the National Research Council. As a lecturer at university, he taught climate change to 1500 students. For many years Tom was an advocate for the global warming movement, until another professor showed him some data that made him question. Since then Tom has been working hard to spread the truth about manmade global warming. And the simple truth is, it’s a lie.

Tom joins me today with the real data on climate change, and proves that not only is manmade global warming a complete myth, but that the actions which are being taken by governments around the world to save us all from this non-existent threat could in fact result in severe environmental repercussions. Mr. Harris gives us the real data which shows that a new ice age may not be more than a thousand years away, and shares his concerns that attempts to address the global warming lie could in fact result in that new ice age starting, not in a thousand years, but before the end of this century. Indeed, as the global warming alarmists claim, we are running out of time to wake people up.

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