Curing Politics: B.C. Conservative Leader John Rustad

By Iron Will / June 19, 2023 /

John Rustad has been in politics for 20 years, most of that time with the B.C. Liberal Party. Then he stood up for the interests of his constituents in opposition to the official party stance on global warming.

The Liberal Party kicked him out.

A short time later and John was nominated as leader of the B.C. Conservative Party.

I heard John speak at the Reclaiming Canada Conference in Victoria a few weeks ago. He has some very clear ideas on what’s wrong with politics in our country and in British Columbia. More importantly after speaking with him for a brief time I realized I was speaking to a rare thing in politics.

A leader who believes his job is to work for the people who elected him.

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IWR Weekly: Trudeau Knew About Chinese Interference

By Iron Will / June 16, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Johnston resigns but still no public inquiry
  • O’Toole resigns: nobody cares
  • Trudeau knew about Chinese interference
  • Tulips 4 Freedom
  • Proof forest fires deliberately set
  • Mainstream media cuts another 1300 jobs
  • Woman sentenced to death by vaccine mandate
  • Insurance companies taking huge losses
  • Dr. Phillips medical license revoked
  • Virtue signalling costs Starbucks $25 million
  • Volkswagen to get $16.3 billion of our tax dollars
  • Quebec care homes mandated to provide MAiD
  • Dunk tanks are racist
  • Bud Light no longer America’s top selling beer

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The Real Science: Dr. Steven Pelech

By Iron Will / June 15, 2023 /

NOTE: There was an issue with the microphones on this interview. Fortunately, Dr. Pelech’s microphone seems to have been minimally affected.

My wife and I launched Strong And Free Canada in the summer of 2020. In late 2021 I started doing interviews with scientists, doctors, lawyers, authors and whistle blowers in order to bring you the truth that mainstream media wouldn’t report and that our government didn’t want you to hear.

One of my early guests was Dr. Steven Pelech. Dr. Pelech has been a professor of immunology and neurology at the University of British Columbia for 35 years, and is one of the founding members of the Biomedical Research Center at UBC. He is the founder of two biotech companies, and is also one of the founding members of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance and the Chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee. In addition, he is also a neurologist.

Dr. Pelech spoke at the recent Reclaiming Canada Conference in Victoria, and was a member there of the medical and science panel.

In this in person interview, Steven demonstrates that in that first interview back in 2021, based upon his deep understanding of the science behind Covid and the vaccines, he could see what was coming.

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Exclusive: The Life and Times of Brian Peckford

By Iron Will / June 13, 2023 /

Brian Peckford is a Canadian hero.

He served as the third premier of Newfoundland from 1979 to his retirement from politics in 1989. He is the sole surviving author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the author of the book ‘Someday the Sun Will Shine and Have Not Will Be No More’.

He has tirelessly fought against the government overreach and violations of our constitutional rights imposed upon Canadians by the Trudeau government. Brian has also worked with lawyers to bring cases before the courts in regards to those same violations.

His travel ban case was shut down by the courts after they declared it moot, as the violations were no longer in place. Somewhat akin to declaring an assault case moot because the assault is no longer in progress.

During the Public Order Emergency Commission, government lawyers blocked Mr. Peckford’s testimony. He would have told them that the EMA was a clear violation of the Charter he helped to write.

While today Mr. Peckford lives with his wife Carol on Vancouver Island, he grew up in Newfoundland. It was a different time. With different values.

In this in-person interview, Brian shares some of his memories of his childhood, and his life.

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IWR Weekly: Unlabelled CRISPR Food Now in Stores

By Iron Will / June 9, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Unlabelled CRISPR Foods now in stores
  • Petition to Stop ‘Agile Regulations’
  • Johnston’s Admits He “Never Spoke to Elections Canada”
  • Green Energy Lie Exposed by Lack of Wind
  • “Canadians Want Censorship” According to Government Funded Study
  • Over 1500 Babies Killed in Canada Post Delivery
  • B.C. Church Falsely Accused by Government
  • Some Canadians Paying to Park Their Car in Front of Their Own House
  • Conservative Group Denied Use of Chatbot After Stripping Out the Bias
  • WHO Takes Another Step Toward Global Vaccine Passport
  • Court Upholds Random Drug Testing – At Nuclear Plants

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How Many Will Die? | Dr. William Makis

By Iron Will / June 6, 2023 /

Not safe for Youtube (or Facebook)! We would be censored.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. William Makis from the recent Reclaiming Canada Conference in Victoria organized by weunify.ca, Will speaks with Dr. Makis on his Substack where, in 2021, he started tracking the alarming increase in sudden deaths of doctors.

Since then, Dr. Makis has added nurses, paramedics, athletes, and tragically, children.

In this interview Dr. William Makis reveals the truth about ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’, the alarming increase in the rate of deaths despite the fact that only 13% of Canadians have taken a booster shot in the past six months, B.C.’s draconian Bill 36, hopeful treatments for the vaccine injured, and his work with The Wellness Company.


The Wellness Company

Dr. Makis’ Substack

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IWR Weekly: The Truth About ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’

By Iron Will / June 2, 2023 /

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • David Johnston: The corruption goes to the bone
  • The truth about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
  • Government to make 1 billion + per year on travel tax
  • CTV reporter admits NDP media support on live TV
  • Our new searchable news database at IronWillReport.com
  • Parks Canada to rewrite 200 historic plaques to erase ‘colonialism’
  • Real science proves ventilators killed most Covid patients
  • Europe culls cows and cars
  • Target and Bud Light lose 31 billion
  • The continued misuse of the word ‘genocide’ by our government
  • Smart device surveillance and how to protect yourself
  • U.S. DoD is sued for man’s death from Covid shot
  • Clever move by U.S. Rep might block CBDCs
  • John Cleese refuses to drop classic humor to pacify the woke
  • Project Veritas set to spiral into the ground

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Silencing Freedom | The Persecution of Chris Barber

By Iron Will / May 31, 2023 /

Chris Barber, a trucker from Saskatchewan, is one of the primary organizers of the Freedom Convoy. For helping others to exercise their right to freedom of speech, Chris was arrested and imprisoned, his bank accounts were frozen for three and half months, he has been slandered by mainstream media and the government, and most recently, he has had additional charges laid against him.

His court date comes up this fall.

In this first of five in-person interviews I did in Victoria during the Reclaiming Canada Conference, Chris speaks about his experiences organizing the convoy, the help he’s received from lawyers at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Democracy Fund, and his hopes, and fears, for our country.

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IWR Weekly: Why WalMart Stayed Open

By Iron Will / May 26, 2023 /

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

Why WalMart Stayed Open: Catherine Fitts NCI Testimony
The Corruption of Mainstream Media: Anita Krishna’s NCI Testimony
Is Uber Safe for Your Kids?
New BestSeller: “I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK”
The Reclaiming Canada Conference: Victoria, May 26 to 28
CARM: ArriveCan for Imported Goods
The Police Will Read Your Mail
Bill C-21: And Why the Senate Readings Won’t Matter
Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Defies Bill C-21
Facebook Gets Record Fine
Trudeau Readying to Game the Election
Kids Stay Home from School in Record Numbers on Rainbow Day
Toilets are ‘White Supremacy’

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IWR Weekly: Trudeau Planning to Bring Back Vax Mandates

By Iron Will / May 19, 2023 /

In this week’s Iron Will Report:

  • Long wait times now costing patients an average of $3,000
  • The Alberta election and our Not Notley campaign
  • The jackboots of B.C. : The details of Bill 36
  • Reclaiming Canada: Victoria conference May 26 to 28
  • Influencer Makes 70G in One Week With X-Rated AI Clone
  • Chinese cities begin to pay public employees in digital yuan
  • Canada tried digital currency in 2012: Dismal failure
  • Government can now audit you on GST going back 33 years
  • Canada Pension Plan invested in Chinese slave labor
  • Trudeau increases taxes on air travel
  • Single pilot flights proposed in Europe: Only one pilot on board
  • Bud Light gets cancelled again – this time by gay bars
  • Smoking Gun: Proof Trudeau is bringing back vaccine mandates

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