Hope 2025 symposium Oct 22 and 23


Due to extensive other demands upon my time, this Symposium is being postponed. It is still going to happen but some of the guests I wanted are unavailable on those dates. It will be announced once the date has been reset.

Hope 2025: A Better Future

Date TBA

This symposium will feature such experts as Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Rob Verkerk, Reiner Fuellmich, Mattias Desmet, Christine Anderson and 7 others on where we'll be three years from now, with a focus on positive action for a brighter future.

The globalists tyrants have yet more plans in store for the people of the world, from Central Bank Digital Currencies and Digital IDs, to regular vaccines and possibly more manmade viruses. But the power to shape our future lies not with the tyrants but with the people. A people forewarned and forearmed with the truth and united by a determination to protect and preserve our rights and freedoms can not only decide what that future will look like, but take an active role in shaping it.

Tickets will be on sale at least two weeks prior to the event. Centurion level subscribers get full access to our live symposiums at no extra cost (but you will still need to register). Tickets for Legionary members and the general public will be 39.95 Canadian.

Date: A full list of start times by time zone will be provided when tickets go on sale.