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Shot in the Heart: 100% Have Signs of Heart Damage |
Dr. Chris Shoemaker

For the past three years, new information seems to come out every month on the harms caused by the Covid shots. Having followed all of it myself, having interviewed many of the experts who have found and revealed this information, I have at times thought, surely, this is the end. It can’t get any worse.

But it can. And it does.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker, a physician from Ontario with 45 years of experience was himself deceived into taking two shots of the Covid vaccines. And in fact, he believed the narrative up until the end of 2021. Then he found some ground breaking research online and began his journey of finding and revealing the truth.

And like many other doctors in Canada who have practiced medical ethics, he paid the price. Suspension of his license to practice.

The remarkable thing about Dr. Shoemakers’ story is the rapidity from which he went from believing the narrative to being a major force for truth. He woke up in January of 2022, and by February was giving highly compelling speeches at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

And to this day Chris continues his campaign for the truth, focusing on researching the many harms of the mRNA vaccines.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Shoemaker in person, as he was in Alberta as a speaker at the Injection of Truth conference.

This is Chris’s story. His campaign for the truth, what it has cost him, and sadly, the ever more horrifying effects of the shots that he continues to discover.


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Dr. Chris Shoemaker


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