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Weekly Research Reports

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True Crime: FARGO and Genocide

How incredibly ironic that this show is about “true crime”. This time it’s about real-life genocide. Another opportunity to “vote” with your wallet…

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Calls for “Pandemic Amnesty”; For Governments NO, For Mandate Prosecutions YES Canadian Armed Forces drop citizenship requirement; Vague Vax Policy Trudeau Enacted EMA; Incident Response Group Said Unnecessary; A Political Opportunity? POEC Testimony – Peter Sloly – Day 12 & 13 POEC Testimony – Tom Marazzo – Day 15 POEC Testimony – Tamara Lich – Day 16 & 17 Saskatchewan First Act; Bill 88 Confirming the Autonomy of Saskatchewan Globalist playbook meets heavy resistance by Brazilian populace COVID jab requirement for US border extended into 2023

Small Fringe Minority: A Testimony of Fear

One woman’s journey to answer the POEC challenge to tell her story, which in many ways is ALL of our stories. Sharing our stories is the essence of being human….

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES New analysis of COVID virus suggests Fauci’s fingerprints Brigitte Belton’s EPIC Testimony at POEC – YES!! Major Contradictions Exposed in POEC Visitors trapped in Shanghai’s Disney resort after lockdown announced Turdeau 2010; Canada will never outlaw firearms Internet Censorship Bill C-11 Passes Second Reading 19-49; Help Senators Like Denise Batters Theresa Tam’s report – Climate Change is a Risk to Everyone EU commits; possibility future COVID lockdowns, mask mandates; ‘legally binding’ treaty Italy’s new government says it will reinstate unvaxxed doctors, cancel fines for COVID jab mandates Biden Getting Updated Covid Booster Shot Amid Dismal Public Uptake Leftist Lula stages “astonishing comeback” to beat far-right Bolsonaro in Brazil election

EMA Liberal Payoff Sh#tShow

If the convoy was so disruptive, why did they have to beg for Ottawa businesses to be compensated? Who was desperate for people to take it? As always, follow the money…

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Danielle Smith to amend Alberta’s human rights code; protect unvaxxed from discrimination New Ioannidis Study: Covid’s 2020 IFR Below 0.1% Under 70, Lower Than Previously Believed CDC Puts COVID Shots on Child Immunization Schedule DeSantis: No mandatory COVID jabs for kids despite CDC vote to add shots to immunization schedule Twelve states refusing to mandate COVID shots for schoolchildren 32 Canadian DRs Died; Corrupt Medical Colleges Destroying Medicine – Dr. William Makis Rishi Sunak announced as new UK prime minister following Liz Truss resignation Boston U Tries to Back Pedal Out of Dangerous Experiment Reports Vaccine maker in India destroys 100 million doses of COVID shots due to low demand Judge Delivers Massive Blow to New York’s Covid Vaccine Mandates for City Workers New York City hospitals not overrun with COVID patients in 2020: FOIA Report

Integrity – Truth in Plain Sight, If You Look For It

Summary of Dr. Richard Fleming’s video with TIPS explains in great detail…Facts Matter!

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Rob Roos, Dutch MEP questioned Pfizer executive Janine Small; Transmission Stop Never Tested Liberal Party’s rationale for invoking the EMA; No Evidence POEC – Oct 13 to Nov 25, 2022 – The Axe Must Fall; Will It? Or Just More Empty Politics? Born Yesterday: How can we POSSIBLY expect impartiality from Judge Rouleau? Catherine McKenney, Zexi Li – Run from Actual Questions; Busted at POEC ‘Macron and Most MPs Are Not Vaccinated’ 20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries – Analyst Estimates Lab in Boston Made What Could Be A Super-Killer SARS-COV-2 4

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