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Welcome to Your Dystopian Future

Digital IDs, New Green Economy, CBDCs and Biomedical Convergence… all coming faster than we realize. Good students suspend disbelief. Great students suspend belief…

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Pervy elites fully booking escort services at WEF Davos Pilots Required To NOT Be Jabbed 5,000 Soldiers to be Deployed To Secure Upcoming WEF Meeting in Davos Rebel News Coverage of Davos 2023 True North’s Andrew Lawton Booted from the Saudi Pavilion at the WEF List of Participants: World Economic Forum Davos Annual Meeting 2023 Documents reveal Trudeau’s inner circle has key WEF summit roles What Happens in Davos, Doesn’t Stay in Davos Was a Canadian woman murdered by hospital guards because her mask was too low? The Dutch farmers have created their own political party, and it’s doing well in the polls “Medical” Journal, The Lancet, has become a laughing stock Wyoming Bill: Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035 Republicans to Vote on a Bill that Would Abolish the IRS, Eliminate Income Tax

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Secret Negotiations: WHO’s IHRRC Meets Jan 9-13, 2023 WEF Jan 18, 2023 meeting will focus on countering ‘misinformation’ Dr. Jordan Peterson to initiate constitutional challenge over cancel culture attacks Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazilian Congress CTV News Edmonton reporter Jessica Robb Collapses on Live TV The Crows All Say, “Damar Hamlin Shows Remarkable Improvement” CAWWW… Trudeau in Mexico, We Can Only Hope He Doesn’t Come Back

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES John Carpay of JCCF Arrested Trudeau denies rumors of a federal election in 2023; Canadians Want him Out 3 MDs In 1 Ontario Hospital Die Days Post 4th Jab Live On Monday Night Football NFL Player Damar Hamlin Collapses on Field; Jan 2, 2022 Rogers-Shaw Monopoly… A Canadian Govt. Puppet Show For the People; No Reality in Sight Travel Bans Returning Soon? From the Jaws of the Beast (Liberal MP), “We politicians have pissed away our credibility.” Discussion with med school student who thinks the vaccines are safe – Steve Kirsch

Alberta’s Notwithstanding Clause Claim?

Why does Trudeau REALLY not like the Notwithstanding Clause in the Charter? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES CIA Murder of My Uncle; Democracy Has Never Recovered – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Internal Videos Reveal NIH Plan To Keep Money Flowing To Risky Research In Wuhan Musk Making Waves; UN-Censoring ; UN-Muzzling; Fumigating For Fauci & Turdo Toadies Baby dies of large blood clot after doctor ignores parents’ request for unvaxxed transfusion “Camel flu” from Qatar World Cup attendees coming home WHO publishes video calling COVID jab skeptics a ‘major killing force’ Fauci-Klaus: more COVID boosters for Christmas because we’re still ‘in a pandemic’ Trudeau gov’t to ‘delay’ mental illness expansion of assisted suicide law after pushback Trudeau’s gun grab bill on hold after massive multiparty pushback Bill C-18 Online News Act Passed in House of Commons Tam’s Annual Gift of Fear and Division to Canadian Families Scrooge City of Oshawa threatens fines over event giving food, clothing to the homeless

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES New Zealand takes custody of baby whose parents refused ‘vaccinated blood’ Blood program for unvaccinated people? Bill Gates War Games; Fictional Virus Affects Young More Than Elderly And Infirm Raquel Dancho ejected from Commons over Gun Grab Comments Singh hints at breaking up with Trudeau unless health care is improved City of Calgary to limit Single-Use Plastic election signs Ahead of 2023 Provincial election Canadian assisted suicide lobbyists make millions by pushing the vulnerable to take their lives Sen. Ron Johnson: C-19 Vaccines – What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown ‘Trial’ To Begin In 2024 World Cup in Qatar; Wokeness and SADS

Trusted News Initiative…NOT

“Trust me” is really a phrase meant to shut other people up. It means “I really don’t have anything of substance to convince you, so you should just trust me. Never Trust a Man (or Woman) Who Says Trust Me…

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