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Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES New Zealand takes custody of baby whose parents refused ‘vaccinated blood’ Blood program for unvaccinated people? Bill Gates War Games; Fictional Virus Affects Young More Than Elderly And Infirm Raquel Dancho ejected from Commons over Gun Grab Comments Singh hints at breaking up with Trudeau unless health care is improved City of Calgary to limit Single-Use Plastic election signs Ahead of 2023 Provincial election Canadian assisted suicide lobbyists make millions by pushing the vulnerable to take their lives Sen. Ron Johnson: C-19 Vaccines – What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown ‘Trial’ To Begin In 2024 World Cup in Qatar; Wokeness and SADS

Trusted News Initiative…NOT

“Trust me” is really a phrase meant to shut other people up. It means “I really don’t have anything of substance to convince you, so you should just trust me. Never Trust a Man (or Woman) Who Says Trust Me…

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Smith’s Slam!!; Notley/NDP’s Appeal to Federal Govt to Stop Sovereignty Bill Danielle Smith says bill to protect rights of unvaxxed Albertans coming in a matter of ‘weeks’ Smith seeks ‘second opinion’ in case of transplant patient who refuses COVID vaccine Bill C-11; Proposed Amendments Rejected Senate Vote 10 to 4 Woke Calgary Judge Spares Murderer of Blind Senior Citizen Taking C-Train Elon Musk’s Twitter revokes COVID ‘misleading information’ policy Musk releases ‘Twitter files’ confirming employees were censoring for Dems in 2020 Protests in Brazil intensify; rumors military may intervene in presidential election dispute Bill proposed in Colombia to euthanize sick, disabled children as young as 6 Blacklock’s Evicted from Press Gallery by Police

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Justice Centre Expresses Concern about British Columbia’s Bill 36 What´s at stake? Trozzi-Phillips-Luchkiw vs CPSO Mendicino-Lametti Joke; How many tanks it would take to clear Parliament Hill? Is it Just a Weird Coincidence? Protests in China then Canada Releases “New” Policy? Bill C-21 amendment to further restrict access to firearms Eyes on Alberta – Sovereignty, Masks, Unvaxxed Rights, RCMP Lucki, Gas Tax Freeze Musk’s Twitter fixes unscientific censorship of ‘Died Suddenly’ Internet documentary Liar, Liar, Socks on Fire Twitchy Witchy’s Glitchy Spells

The C-11 Twelve: A Freedom Wrecking Crew

The C-11 Council of 12. Another example of a handpicked committee controlling the floor, in this case dictating why we need to be safe from talking to each other online. Policies are faceless until they are not…

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES No Dice, Duclos! Feds Want to Buy Health Data from Provinces; Trudeau’s Health-Scam Brendan Miller at POEC; Crisis Communications Firm Behind Nazi flag At Convoy? Trudeau’s Liberal Judge Rouleau Puts Brendan Miller in the Penalty Box Gov’t Unanimous Vote; Release Docs re Chinese Interference in Canadian Elections Elon Musk’s Twitter reinstates Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Babylon Bee Australia: Grounds for Tennis Star Novak Djovic’s Visa Ban No Longer Exist Republicans Tie Hunter Biden to Human Trafficking, Announce Probe Entire Alberta Health Services (AHS) Board of Directors FIRED Kieran Moore, Hypocrite; He Should Be Fired Too! Swedish Security Service Confirmed sabotage – Nordstrom gas lines Ontario Doctors To Raise Charter Claims Against CPSO – Hearing date: Nov 23, 2022 9amEST

The Libranos Incident Response Group

Its members are largely secret, but Trudeau, the godfather of transparency, diversity and democracy appoints them so don’t worry, eh? They are charged with keeping us safe from bouncy castles BUT not rail blockades. Fiercely loyal to their Don or they’ll get “whacked”…well, fired. Who needs a conscience? Fugheddaboudit…

Research Report for the Week of

TOP STORIES Emergencies Act Inquiry Counsel, Gabriel Poliquin, Collapses Mid-Sentence Time To Get Rid Of Electronic Vote Tabulators Woman denied life-saving surgery AGAIN over vax status Justice Centre calls on Albertans to petition Smith to save unvaxxed transplant patient Danielle Smith wants to hear from C-19 “vaccine skeptic” Dr. Paul Alexander A Disappointing Appointment…Hinshaw’s out, Smith names Joffe as CMOH Danielle Smith Gets into Ukranian-Globalist Politics; Energy Wars – Alberta First? Hmmm… SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Celebrates Disney Dropping Vaccine Mandates on 12 Shows Anti-Hate Network and Anti-Fa; Court Stumbles on No-Brainer Where’s Waldo Trudeau Re-Affirms His Commitment to Globalism; Veterans Be-Damned Here We Go Again…Stop the Masking Madness

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