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Weekly Research Report April 4, 2023 Father gets teacher put on leave for demanding sexual fantasies as health ‘education’ Government Policies on Gender and Foreign Aid; The Mass Casualty Commission has Finally Released its Report on a Nova Scotia Denturist’s 2020 Killing Spree that Claimed 22 Lives; Father of Two Girls Gets Assaulted for Protesting Gender Affirmation of Minors; Federal Climate Minister Admits Carbon Tax Will See Average Household Pay More Despite Rebates; Minister’s Claim Is Ridiculed, AFTER Approving $26 Billion Takeover; Chrystia Freeland Abandons Budget Balance Plan, Adding $50 Billion in Debt; A New Report Indicates Microsoft Will Expand AI Products, but Axe the People Who Make Them Ethical; Disbelief as “Green King Charles” Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology; Liberal Budget Set Aside $100 Billion to Build Bike Lanes Along the Entire Length of the Trans Canada Hwy; CRA Employees sed Facebook Messenger to Communicate Private Taxpayer Info; A Toronto Mother Says She is Feeling “Unbearable” Pain After Her Son Was Fatally Stabbed At a TTC Station 19; Sick Kids Are ‘Absolute Goldmine’ for Big Pharma and Big Food, Whistleblower Tells Russell Brand; The (WHO) Has Stopped Advising That Healthy Children and Teens get the COVID Vaccine; Trudeau Defends Appointment of Cabinet Minister’s Sister-in-Law as Interim Ethics Commissioner; and, More Hypocrisy from Han Dong / China Interference Scandal
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