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Psychological Biowarfare and Disease X
Dr. Robert Malone

Information bioterrorism. Informational biological blackmail. Psychological bioterrorism. All terms for the massive psy op we’ve all been subjected to for the last several years, starting with the covid narrative, to monkeypox, and now H5N1, or avian flu, which is most likely the WHO’s Disease X.

Dr. Robert Malone, author of the best-selling book, “Lies My Government Told Me”, is also well known as the inventor of mRNA technology; a technology he abandoned years ago when he discovered it couldn’t be done without serious side effects. Since the beginning of the current global psy op Dr. Malone has used his knowledge of science, and his past experience working extensively with the U.S. government to uncover the lies, the bad actors, and the ultimate goals of our would-be globalist masters.

In addition to being a physician, vaccinologist, virologist, and molecular biologist Dr. Malone worked in biodefense and medical countermeasure development through multiple infectious disease outbreaks, working in cooperation with scientists at the US Army Medical Research of Infectious Diseases research facility and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

As Dr. Malone himself says, “I know these people, I know how they think, what they are concerned with and what they do”

In this interview, Dr. Malone explains not only how Psychological Bioterrorism is used against us, but who the primary agency is behind the psy op, what the globalists pulling the strings are really trying to achieve, how the globalists themselves are organized, and perhaps most importantly, what we can expect as the Avian Flu/Disease X narrative continues to escalate.

LINK: https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/

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