Jesse Watters of Fox News sheds light on the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, revealing the agency’s historical practice of placing journalists within major US media outlets to influence public opinion.

By yourNEWS Media Staff

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In a recent segment, Fox News host Jesse Watters brought attention to Operation Mockingbird, a covert CIA initiative designed to manipulate public perception through the media. This operation involved the placement of journalists and informants within prominent US media organizations, aiming to propagate the federal government’s viewpoints and political agendas.

During his show, Watters commented, “Langley was laundering narratives to the press and into the public’s veins,” highlighting the extent of the CIA’s influence on the media landscape. According to Watters, at least 22 American news organizations, ranging from The New York Times to Life magazine and CBS, had individuals on the CIA payroll, acting either knowingly or unknowingly as channels for disseminating disinformation.

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