Ok, enough is enough!!

I can’t stand the lies anymore!!!

I’m not referring to subjective opinions or analysis. I’m talking about #facts, 100% objective, undeniable facts.

Does #truth even matter anymore?

Well, I guess we can’t blame people for their ignorance unless we make sure the facts are accessible to them, so I’ll do my best.

Hopefully this post can be useful to others who face the lies on #campus, on the streets, and even in #parliaments across the #globe.

So let’s get to it. #Lie by lie.

Watch the #video.

Let’s see, what lies did I miss? I’m sure there are many more but if you have a half a brain in your head, you’ll read this carefully and realize you’re being fed lies and propaganda by a globally recognized #terrorist organization.

You’re choosing to believe the lies.

Stop buying the lies and use your brain.

None of what I wrote above is my opinion. These are all hard facts backed up by indisputable evidence.

If you don’t accept any of the above facts, there are only really three choices.

1- You’re ignorant and refuse to learn #history.
2- Your intelligence level prevents you from understanding facts.
3- You are a good ol’ fashioned Jew hater and have now successfully found a way to disguise your hatred of #Jews by making things up to vilify the #Jewish people.

So which one is it?

Stop believing lies. Stop spreading lies. Open your eyes. Believe what Hamas tells you when they say they want all Jews dead and then, they’ll come after all infidels.

Stop dismissing and discounting their words.

I hope this equipped you with some facts for you to let your Ivy League college friends know that they’re siding with actual genocidal lunatics who will absolutely come after them next.

#Good will always prevail and that’s why Israel will be here in 50 years while Hamas will join ancient #Egypt, the #Romans, the #Greeks, the #Nazis, and anyone else who has tried to annihilate the Jews. They are long gone but the Jews and their homeland is here, strong, #united, and 100% set on sending Hamas straight where they belong.

Stand with #Israel.

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