1 November 2023. In the final session of the final day of the ARC Conference, @JordanBPeterson gave the most inspiring talk we have ever heard. We encourage you, to please make time to watch this talk from beginning to end. Turn your phone off, go full screen, and let the words speak to your heart.

It has been a week of big ideas, strategic relations, and deep conversations. However, Jordan reminded us that “we have so many people in the world that are lost in ways that are nearly unimaginable” and exhorted all those in the room to lay aside all of our “hedonic whims”, to take up, cling to, and insist upon the divine responsibility given to us to work for the betterment of our societies. “There is no desert we can’t make blue”.

The inaugural ARC Conference has been a special time. While those in the room were a community of senior leaders from around the world, we want to allow all of you to engage fully in the ideas and speakers of the conference. We will ensure that all the talks and content are available to you, for free, here on YouTube.

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