According to an Egyptian intelligence source, Intelligence Minister Abbas Kamel contacted the Prime Minister’s Office 10 days before the surprise attack by Hamas and warned of a “terrible operation, something unusual from Gaza”. Also according to an AP publication, a similar warning was ignored while focusing on the situation in the West Bank . Prime Minister’s Office: Fake News

According to a senior Egyptian source, about ten days before Hamas’s surprise attack on Israeli territory, the Egyptian Minister of Intelligence, General Abbas Kamel, contacted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, warning of “something unusual, a terrible operation” that was about to take place from the direction of Gaza. This was revealed on Ynet, following the AP news agency’s publication of an Egyptian warning. The Prime Minister’s Office denied the allegations.

Following the uproar caused by the publication, and despite an explicit denial on Netanyahu’s part, the Egyptian source stated that “we do not deny and do not deviate even an inch from what we said to a number of international media, including the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth.”

The Egyptian intelligence source told Ynet that Kamel was “surprised by the indifference” shown by Israel. Sources in Egypt claimed that the response to the Egyptian Minister of Intelligence was that the IDF and security forces were “immersed” in dealing with the cities in Judea and Samaria from which terrorism is being launched against Israel.

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