Like many cities across the country, Calgary has traditionally held a firework display to mark and celebrate Canada Day. It was a fun and cost effective family event where folks could gather in a park and ring in another year of Canada existing as a nation.

In Calgary this tradition is no more.

There are several arguable reasons why firework displays should come to an end within a city.

Fireworks terrorize dogs and wildlife and veterans with PTSD can be shaken up by the artillery-like sounds.

Fireworks can awaken and annoy some people and they generate a lot of smoke in a city atmosphere that doesn’t need more pollutants.

Those aren’t the reasons Mayor Jyoti Gondek’s city of Calgary has brought this longstanding and valued tradition to an end though.

Calgary is ending the fireworks display due to “cultural sensitivities related to ongoing efforts at truth and reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations.” They also note that July 1st marks an anniversary of Canada’s admittedly terrible Chinese Immigration Act from a century ago.

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