Despite any claims to the contrary, government funding of independent schools in BC saves taxpayer money. And if the provincial government eliminated this funding, it could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year and rob B.C. families of their ability to choose schools that best fit their needs.

Currently in B.C., provincial government funding for independent schools ranges from between 30 to 50% of the per-student funding of government public schools (although some independent schools receive no government funding).

As noted in a new study, in 2020/21 (the latest year of available data), the B.C. government spent $14,601 per student in public schools compared to $8,685 per student in independent schools.

In other words, for every student who attends an independent school rather than a government public school, the B.C. government saved $5,916 (on average). Which means independent schools cost taxpayers significantly less money per student than government public schools.

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