Finally, Caylan Ford is having her say. Falsely accused of racist sympathies just a few weeks before the 2019 election, she was immediately dumped by the UCP as an electoral liability. Her reputation was thereafter gang-raped for weeks through the twittersphere. Now, the onetime ‘star candidate’ has put together a film that may well stand for years as the definitive rebuke of cancel culture.

The just-released “When the Mob Came,” (co-directed by Andrew Peloso, VEK Labs) is her story. But as something very precious drains away from all of our lives — the fundamental decencies of forbearance, civility and respect in public life — it has relevance to all of us. That is, if lies could destroy a reputation such as hers, they can destroy anybody’s.

Ford’s documentary starts with the delicious days when a charismatic and highly educated young mother is welcomed with honours into the United Conservative Party. Pundits can’t believe the party’s luck that someone with her resume would run for them — a woman with two masters’ degrees, one from Oxford, and a solid resume built around several years with the Canadian foreign service.

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