In her book Inconvenient Doubts – Climate Change Apocalypse : Really? Joanne Marcotte introduces readers to scientists, humanists and economists who defy the past thirty-plus years of “climate change catastrophism.”

In a press release, Marcotte says her book “offers a counterweight to the climate change doctrine which claims that we are witnessing through our own fault an imminent planetary and humanitarian catastrophe. It is aimed at people who understand that science is a process of observation and discovery, not a religion.”

After more than 30 years of climate change catastrophism, self-published author Joanne Marcotte invites readers to discover the work of scientists, humanists, and economists who call on us to tone it down, reject apocalyptic alarmism and opt for more realistic, pragmatic solutions.

Joanne Marcotte holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Université Laval and worked for several years in the field of computer systems architecture. She also has been commenting and analyzing political news on her personal blog and in selected media since 2009. She lives near Quebec City.

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