When Monty Pythons’ movie The Life of Brian hit movie screens in 1979, it ignited a chorus of controversy because of its religious satire theme, drawing accusations of blasphemy and protests from some religious groups.

Thirty-nine local authorities in the United Kingdom either imposed an outright ban or imposed an X (18 years and older only) certificate.

Python lovers would likely call it one the comedy group’s best films, perhaps best known for the hit tune Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and a scene that is suddenly being attacked by the woke folk.

John Cleese and Eric Idle, founding members of Monty Python, have been working on a live version of the movie, says Brodigan on the Louder with Crowder website.

“Former Monty Python members John Cleese and Eric Idle are working on a stage production of The Life of Brian,” says Brodigan.

“Though I don’t think anyone is a ‘former’ Python member. Kinda like once a Marine, always a Marine. The story is based on the 1979 film satirizing the life of Jesus Christ. You can still do that in 2023, but one thing you can’t do in 2023 has been cut out of the play.”

You can’t mock men claiming they can have babies, says Brodigan, like they do in this scene where a man named Stan wants to have a baby and wants to be called Loretta.

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