Picture: Gil McGowan gives the middle finger to former Western Standard Edmonton bureau chief Arthur Green

“Swaddled by a 100 person convoy of oil-crony delegates, the Premier of the Canadian Province of Alberta Danielle Smith arrived at COP28,” said ECO. “While the world is here to achieve a fossil fuel phaseout, Smith is here to deny, delay and distract on behalf of the oil and gas industry.” (ECO Newsletter – The civil society newsletter published daily at UNFCCC events that reflect CAN’s perspective and position on the climate negotiations.)

Shift Executive Director Adam Scott said no one at COP28 cares about the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments, as “they have no meaningful role and there’s little audience save for other Canadian oil and gas lobbyists here. “It’s just a sad, wasteful attempt to get media back in Canada,” (Shift: Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health)

Former Red Deer County city councillor Jean Bota praised McGowan for saying Smith was foolish. “Not the saviour as she thought,” said Bota.

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