Many voters who are leaning Conservative have never voted for anyone besides Trudeau and they are desperate to do so, even if there is no tangible evidence that Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre will alter their fortunes.

Last summer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a master class in the art of tone deafness when he said the following: “I’ll be blunt as well — housing isn’t a primary federal responsibility. It’s not something that we have direct carriage of, but it is something that we can and must help with.”

Today, however, Canadians could be forgiven if they assumed that housing was the federal government’s only responsibility because at present it seems the prime minister can’t roll out new housing announcements fast enough.

Last week, in what felt like a desperate attempt to woo young voters, Trudeau declared plans to introduce a “renters bill of rights” that would include a national standard lease agreement; he also called on banks and credit bureaus to factor rent payments in determining a person’s credit score.

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