Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rebuked a call from the Muslim Association of Canada to apologize for his social media post condemning “hate and its manifestations” on the day that thousands of parents and other citizens marched in cities across Canada for more parental rights in schools.

“I am going to continue to work to bring people together, and to make sure our kids are protected while standing up for everyone’s rights,” Mr. Trudeau said during a press conference on Oct. 5.

“This is something that is core to Canada; that we defend each other’s rights and we support each other.”

Mr. Trudeau added that he had “never suggested that someone who’s concerned about parental rights is somehow filled with hate or intolerance.” The prime minister said that when expression of hatred or intolerance arose, whether against Muslims or members of the LGBT community, the federal government would be “firm in standing against intolerance.”

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