The 28-year-old Toronto native had risen through the ranks to become the leader of a large street gang, and went on to work with various organized crime groups in several countries. But despite attaining power, money, and respect on the streets, Mr. Wilson wasn’t happy.

“I had for my entire life longed for a stable, loving family, and belonging,” he told The Epoch Times in an exclusive interview. “I had finally found something that I cared about more than money, reputation, and power. And that was a woman and her two small children.”

Fearful that his often dangerous lifestyle and violent past would affect his new family, he slowly backed out of illegal activity and stepped into the role of family man.

It was this work that led him to form his own organization known as the One by One Movement. The other members of his organization are also “formers” who, like him, have left lives of violence behind and can relate to the people they work with.

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