Former intel officer criticizes Canada’s policies as ‘band-aid fix,’ citing incentive gaps in curbing research collaborations with Chinese military institutions

A recent study reveals hundreds of publications from Toronto universities collaborating with Chinese academic institutions linked to the military on sensitive research. A former intelligence officer said the ongoing partnerships signal an incentive gap in curbing such practices.

The study, released in October by the Frontier Assessments Unit (FAU), identified a total of 371 publications from collaborations between Canadian universities and seven Chinese academies known as the “Seven Sons of National Defence” due to their strong affiliations with the People’s Liberation Army, the primary military force of communist China.

It noted that while collaborations with these Chinese military institutions may yield technological advancements, they also pose substantial security risks to Canadian institutions and national security as a whole. These concerns include potential intellectual property theft, the “dual-use” implications of transferring civilian technology for military purposes, and risks to reputation and academic independence.

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