Following the incident where a former soldier who fought for the Nazis during World War II was honoured in the House of Commons, a Polish government minister said he has “taken steps” to have the man extradited to Poland.
“In view of the scandalous events in the Canadian Parliament, which involved honouring, in the presence of President Zelenskiy, a member of the criminal Nazi SS Galizien formation, I have taken steps towards the possible extradition of this man to Poland,” Polish Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek said in a statement posted on platform X on Sept. 26.
Mr. Czarnek also included a copy of the letter he sent to the head of the Institute of National Remembrance, a Polish historical body that has prosecutorial powers, asking him to “urgently [establish] whether Yaroslav Hunka is wanted for crimes against the Polish nation or Poles of Jewish origin.”

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