The motions were deemed ‘homophobic’ and ‘transphobic’ by Pickering’s integrity commissioner.

A city councillor in Pickering, Ontario, has been given a 60-day pay suspension for motions deemed “homophobic” and “transphobic” by the city’s integrity commissioner.

Council voted unanimously on the move on Oct. 23 following a presentation of an investigation into activities by councillor Lisa Robinson at a May 15 Durham District School Board meeting. Ms. Robinson told a crowd at the meeting about several motions she was intending to bring to council the following week.

According to council documents, the motions included banning drag shows and pride parades anywhere children could be present; restricting flags raised in public spaces to federal, provincial, and municipal flags as well as poppy and veterans flags; and changing the universal change room policy at the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex, which currently only allows members to use the gender-specific (male-only and female-only) change rooms, to allow non-members to do so as well.

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