Province has stopped short of introducing policy on pronouns, gender identity

As some provinces are creating new policies to address children’s preferred pronouns and gender identity issues, Ontario Premier Doug Ford recently took a stance on parental rights, suggesting that school boards are not supposed to be “indoctrinating” children but stopping short of announcing a formal mandate on the matter.

“Most important is the parents’ rights. The parents’ rights to listen and make sure they are informed when their children make a decision,” Mr. Ford said as part of a speech he gave on Sept. 8 in Kitchener, Ontario, at Ford Fest, his annual family barbecue and event.

“It’s not up to the teachers, it’s not up to the school board, to indoctrinate our kids,” said Mr. Ford. “it’s the parents’ responsibility to hear what the kids are doing.”

The Ontario premier is only the latest provincial official to make a statement about parents having a right to know if their child is trying to change pronouns or genders at school. However, despite making statements on the subject, Ontario has left the issue to school boards and has not put any official policy in place.

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