Canadians about to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies across the country could come across different proceedings than they’re used to, as the military has told its chaplain service that religious prayers in official public functions are now forbidden.

“While the dimension of prayer may occupy a significant place for some of our members, we do not all pray in the same way; for some, prayer does not play a role in their lives,” says the Oct. 11 directive obtained by The Epoch Times.

“Therefore, it is essential for chaplains to adopt a sensitive and inclusive approach when publicly addressing military members,” says the directive signed by Chaplain General Brigadier General Guy Belisle.

In practice, this means that a chaplain, or padre as they’re commonly known in the ranks, cannot recite from the Bible or allude to God while participating in ceremonies and public functions. Instead, the “spiritual reflection” must be “inclusive in nature, and respectful of the religious and spiritual diversity of Canada.”

The move is part of the larger cultural change process in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) implemented by the Liberal government, which aims to put principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the core of the organization.

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