A citizen-led inquiry has released its final report outlining its findings on how all levels of government in Canada handled the COVID-19 pandemic, with recommendations for institutions to face “criminal and civil penalties for their actions.”

“Canada’s federal, provincial, and municipal government responses to COVID-19 are unprecedented,” said Ken Drysdale, chairman of the commissioners for the National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI), during a Nov. 28 press conference.

“The policy, legal and health interventions into the lives of Canadians, our families, businesses, communities—were and to a great extent remain—significant.”

NCI describes itself as a “citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative” independent from government, with a mission to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic measures put in place by all levels of government impacted Canadians in the four categories of health, fundamental rights and freedoms, social well-being, and economic prosperity.

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