MPs have voted to order the disclosure of all internal federal investigations into claims that border agency executive Minh Doan destroyed 1,700 emails related to the ArriveCan app.

Tory MP Larry Brock said during a meeting of the government operations committee on March 26 that there were concerns the CBSA’s top officials were “covering up and deliberately trying to hide their actions while scapegoating others.”

The committee vote approved Mr. Brock’s motion that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) disclose “any and all evidence pertaining to deleted or missing CBSA emails attributed to Minh Doan,” by April 19, as first covered by Blacklock’s Reporter.
On Feb. 5, Mr. Brock had read into the committee record a confidential CBSA report suggesting “four years’ worth of highly relevant, sensitive emails” were destroyed, saying the number amounted to “roughly seven gigabytes or 1,700 emails.”

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