A new survey of Canadians suggests that 60 percent of single Canadians felt their relationship status has negatively affected their mental health, and the COVID pandemic took an extra toll.

Angus Reid conducted the study on behalf of Shift Collab, an online mental health practice, and asked 1,504 Canadians how the pandemic impacted their relationship status.

One-third of young Canadians aged 18–34, or 33 percent, said COVID impacted their expectations of when to start a family, and 28 percent of this group said their expectations of when to get married shifted because of the pandemic.

Another 60 percent of Canadians in the same age group reported they had experienced feelings of isolation, and felt that everyone else was in a relationship but them. Another 68 percent of single Canadians of any age reported the same feeling, while 59 percent of single Canadians reported their mental health has been impacted due to their relationship status at some point either in the past or present.

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