The story of ‘Mary’ that the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba posted on X on Nov. 15 has drawn much criticism.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba sent out a social media post Nov. 15 highlighting the experience of “Mary,” aged 10, “who just wants to feel like a ‘real girl.'” The full account on the foundation’s website details the journey of Mary (a pseudonym) and the foundation’s preferred approach to gender change.

The story drew much criticism on the X social media platform. The original post was full of comments saying Mary is too young for gender-affirmation, with some positing Mary may be a boy who likes feminine things rather than a transgender girl.

Among the commenters were a couple of high-profile parents who have been vocal on the issue since their own children received gender-affirming care they felt to be inappropriate, including Shannon Boschy of Ottawa and January Littlejohn of Florida.

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