The head of the CRTC says that individual users and content creators will not be regulated by Bill C-11, seemingly contradicting recent news that streamers and podcasters making more than $10 million will have to register with the administrative tribunal.

“The first consultation looked at which online streaming services need to register and which will be exempted,” explained Vicky Eatrides, chairperson and CEO at the CRTC in a speech before the C.D. Howe Institute on Oct. 3.

“In other words, which foreign services need to provide basic information to us so that we can account for them in the broadcasting system, and which ones do not. And to be clear, we will not be regulating individual users and content creators.”

Bill C-11, known as the Online Streaming Act, amends the Broadcasting Act to give the CRTC authority to require online platforms like Netflix and Spotify to contribute to Canadian content rules or face steep penalties.

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