They were charged due to a complaint by an unknown transit user allegedly pertaining to their private conversation while en route to a parental rights protest.

The City of Calgary has dropped all charges against two men who say they were ticketed after having a private conversation en route to the “1 Million March for Children” due to a complaint from an unknown city transit user in September.

The Democracy Fund (TDF) litigation director Alan Honner, the lawyer for both men, said he received an email from the City of Calgary last week saying the charges had been withdrawn and no court appearance would be required, according to a TDF news release.
The charges laid were allegedly in connection with the two men having a private conversation with a “like-minded passenger” on a train that was mostly empty, according to the TDF. The men were on their way to Calgary’s “1 Million March 4 Children,” part of Canada-wide demonstrations protesting gender ideology being taught in schools.

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