The 5,000-page report detailed how the COVID-19 response by the government was vastly irresponsible, unscientific, and against basic human rights.
Canadian Government and Media Colluded to ‘Instill Fear,’ Coerce Citizens Into Taking Vaccines: Report
The Canadian government and media spread fear among citizens about the COVID-19 pandemic while implementing measures to force them into taking vaccines under threat of potential reprisals, according to a report by the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI).
“The pandemic was a textbook case of the collaboration of government and industry to subvert the democratic institutions and convince the citizens of the validity and truthfulness of a narrative that was objectively false from the start,” the Nov. 28 report reads.

The Canadian government, together with provincial governments and the mainstream media, “embarked on an information campaign designed to instill fear in the hearts of the citizens and ensure that they did not resist any and all draconian measures that were announced,” it states.

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