The Malaysian government said screening the company’s film would damage diplomatic relations with China.

Brian Fang was thrilled when he heard the name of the film production company he works for called for recognition during an awards ceremony at the Markham International Film Festival on July 16.

“Our films are about good values and upholding morals, and so I thought it’s wonderful to receive the recognition,” said Mr. Fang, who has appeared as an actor in productions by New Century Films, based in north of Toronto.

But the happy feeling soon turned to one of embarrassment. Upon making his way to the front to receive the recognition certificate, he was turned away after Markham city councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci, who was handing out the certificates, was seen commenting to one of the organizers, who then told Mr. Fang there had been a mistake and that the film had already been given a certificate.

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