Most respondents say Ottawa should exempt home heating fuels such as natural gas or propane to help Canadians cope with rising living costs.

The majority of Canadians would like to see more carbon tax exemptions on home heating, according to a new poll from Abacus Data.

Most respondents (72 percent) said Ottawa should exempt fuels for home heating, such as natural gas or propane, from the carbon tax “to help people deal with the rising cost of living.” The remaining 28 percent said the federal government should not offer exemptions because the tax is meant to encourage people to shift toward less polluting forms of heating, the survey found.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Oct. 26 his government would give a three-year carbon tax exemption on heating oil. The move came after Liberal MPs in Atlantic ridings voiced concern, saying their constituents could not afford to pay the carbon tax on heating oil.

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