21-year-old Netta Epstein threw himself on live hand grenade, mother says

A 21-year-old Israeli-Canadian man, Netta Epstein, died trying to save his girlfriend from a live hand grenade.

Mr. Epstein’s death was confirmed by Global Affairs Canada on Oct. 15, the most recent of five Canadians that have been killed after Israel was attacked by the terrorist organization Hamas in the early hours of Oct. 7. The attacks started at approximately 6:30 a.m. local time and involved air strikes followed by terrorists shooting civilians on the ground in Israeli cities near the Gaza Strip.

The terrorist group has taken both Israeli soldiers and civilians as hostages, including women and children, says the Israel Defense Forces.

Mr. Epstein’s death was reported by TC Jewfolk, a U.S. Jewish online news source, which described him as a former camper and Ozo (training to be staff) at Herzl Camp in southern Israel.

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