Affordability issues, high inflation, and management of public finances are among the reasons they say Mr. Trudeau should step down.

More than half of Canadian voters want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign before the next election to make way for a new leader, according to a recently released poll.

The poll published Nov. 15 by Leger found that 51 percent of respondents want Mr. Trudeau to step down. Among those who want the prime minister to resign, 34 percent said it was due to his inaction on the affordability and high-inflation crisis, while 25 percent listed Mr. Trudeau’s management of public finances.

Another 25 percent of those polled said he should step down because of his “broken promises” and 23 percent referenced “his many ethical issues.” Twenty-two percent said he hasn’t done enough to help with access to affordable housing, and 20 percent said they are “just tired of him.” Voters were allowed to list more than one reason for their feelings about the prime minister.

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