A new Angus Reid survey has found that a majority of Canadian voters, including a large portion of Liberal Party supporters, say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should step down before the next election is held.

“The decline of Trudeau over the last 6 months has been spectacular. Now his base is quickly eroding,” pollster Angus Reid said on platform X, noting that around 40 percent of Canadians who supported him in the 2021 election believe he should resign before the next one.

More than half of Canadians (57 percent) said Mr. Trudeau should step down, while 28 percent said he should lead the party into the next election. A total of 82 percent of Conservative voters said he should step down compared to 12 percent in favour of him staying on. Among 2021 Liberal voters, 44 percent said he should remain while 41 percent said it is time for a change.

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