People who get climate studies degrees nowadays have ‘no understanding’ about what is actually causing climate change.

Climate scientist Judith Curry warned that “genuine” climate experts are a shrinking group while alarmists are “exploding” and taking over the mainstream narrative on climate change issues.

There are “three categories” of climate experts, Ms. Curry said in an Oct. 3 interview with media personality John Stossel. “One is people who are fluent in reciting IPCC talking points,” she said. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC) is a United Nations body that assesses “science related to climate change.” As an example of a category one “expert,” Ms. Curry cited mechanical engineer Bill Nye, who, back in 2019, said “The planet’s on […] fire!” People like Mr. Nye “can talk about this stuff, but he doesn’t have really any real understanding,” Ms. Curry said.

“Then the second class is people who actually have some understanding, who can read the full U.N. climate report, the full one, and actually understand it.”

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