The raw milk movement, once the domain of fringe health outliers and conspiracy theorists, has gone mainstream as increasing numbers of states have formally legalized its consumption and sale.

On Aug. 1, North Dakota became the latest state to remove a prohibition of the sale of raw milk directly to consumers. North Dakotan farmer Peter Bartlett, whose family owns Bartlett Farms, which sells raw dairy products, told The Epoch Times that he has seen a boom in sales since restrictions were lifted.

“Right after the law was passed, we saw a significant increase in interest,” said Mr. Bartlett. “The legalization took it out of the realm of the black market—where you almost had to meet a dealer in a back alley if you wanted raw milk—and brought it out into the light.”

“It’s been a big shift. We have watched our business grow 40 percent a year,” added Mr. Bartlett.

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