In fiscal 2022, 45 percent of Harvard’s revenue of $5.8 billion came from donations.

More than 1,600 Jewish alumni from Harvard criticized the university for not taking steps to tackle rising anti-Semitism on campus, with some pledging to donate only $1 until the issue is resolved.

The Oct. 7 massacre of 1,400 Israelis by Hamas terrorists was “met with acclaim by more than 30 Harvard student groups, who called the intentional slaughter of civilians ‘justified’ and claimed that Israel was ‘solely responsible,’” the alumni letter read. “This deluded romanticization of violence has been matched by calls for more violence and the obliteration of the state of Israel ‘by any means necessary.’”

According to the alumni, the Harvard administration was obliged to speak out against the terrorist act, especially as the institution had earlier spoken “clearly and forcefully” on several geopolitical and political events. However, “during this time, the University remained silent.”

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