Author Steve Deace is warning that radical proponents of the new sexual culture, which has taken hold of America, insist on wiping out the male-female binary sexual identity while forcing people to “agree to their psychosis.”

In a June 7 interview with Joshua Philipp on “Crossroads,” Deace pointed out the difference between the old sexual culture war that followed the sexual revolution of the sixties and the new sexual culture war that has gained prominence in the past five to ten years. The old culture war tried to “pervert reality” by insisting that there were multiple gender/sexual identities, he suggested, while the new one attempts to “reject them altogether.”

The new LGBTQ ideologies insist that “I’m not even the same person I was created or born as. I’m not male, I’m not female. I’m non-binary,” he said. “In this case, someone is asking me right from the outset that I have to agree to their psychosis, I have to agree to their rejection of reality.”

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