It is a supreme irony that Ontario’s Peel District School Board should fall victim to “woke” activism of the “cancel culture” persuasion, militancy unrepresentative of Canadian majority opinion.

Recent news reports of a clandestine assault on its own libraries were made possible by the vigilance of Reina Takata, an alert pupil who noticed empty shelves in her school library rendered bare by a sly purge of books considered to be insufficiently in tune with the board’s policy of promoting material that “better reflect cultural diversity.” This underhanded disposal belies the claim that only worn or outdated books were being removed. An absurd pretence that only books published before 2008 were removed, and then only in order to “assess” them through “an equity lens,” is also evidently spurious.

While Peel’s current director of education has denied earlier reports that Anne Frank’s diary and the Harry Potter books have been removed, questions remain: what has been removed, on whose authority, and what prompted this wholesale removal? Why, also, the secrecy? Are the culprits ashamed?

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