Let’s look into the foundation of the universally accepted bond between parent and child. The parent-child relationship is an intricate interplay of nature and nurturing, pre-dating the concept of the state. While biology doesn’t encompass the entirety of the relationship, it sets a natural standard. This standard is exclusive, embedded in our genetic makeup. We often refer to it as a blood tie, regardless of occasional instances where parents or children may reject it. Barring adoption, the primary connection is biological and rooted in nature.

However, what happens when biological nature is whimsically discarded as a measure of truth? This action undermines the essence of the parent-child bond. When governments embrace and advocate for the redefinition of sexual identity based solely on an individual’s declaration, as Canada’s federal government does, the natural standard is rejected. Consequently, the basis of biological truth erodes, along with the language used to convey these truths.

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