We’ve all wondered precisely how our elite masters will impose a central bank digital currency (CBDC) on us. There is vast public resistance to the whole scheme. Given that, there needs to be some creative way to get from here to there. We are now gaining a glimpse into how this will work.

The headline in The New York Times (always a bellwether) reads as follows: “Why Banks Are Suddenly Closing Down Customer Accounts.” And the teaser: “Surprised individuals and small-business owners can’t pay rent or make payroll, and no one ever explains what they did wrong.”

The rest you can predict. It’s a series of stories of regular people who got surprise notices from banks that their accounts are suddenly closed. Their credit cards and checking accounts no longer work. The balance is sent in the form of a check, and the depositor is suddenly thrust into a strange situation. He has to look around for a different bank, which raises the obvious question: Why are you having to move your account services?

This skepticism can make banks reluctant to take on new accounts without some due diligence. Oddly, the person facing this situation is never told precisely why this is happening. You call the bank to ask and get nowhere. You go in and see the manager. You ask why, but no one will tell you. The point is that the system kicked you out. No other information is available.

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