Ontario’s Peel District School Board, those wonders who are systematically removing treasured books from library shelves, might watch the movie “Storm Center,” starring Bette Davis as the middle-aged librarian who is destroyed because she refused to take a single controversial book off her library shelf.
One can only wish there were more like her. But as we have already seen, this courage costs careers and lives. Professors are silent, regrettably, and perhaps the public doesn’t know. So, there will come a time when the anti-fascists will become fascists. Worst of all, they will crowd together and gloat at the transition. And celebrate killing the person who reminds them that two plus two equals four.
So then, to my book “Notes on a Writer’s Life.”
From the time I heard from certain New Brunswickers in 1977 that my novels should be banned, until I fought against the banning of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” in 1992, I sensed that the fight was never over, and never would be. I don’t care about my books, but it is the callous certainty against other very grand books that I challenge.

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